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musically talking
« on: November 05, 2013, 04:22:32 am »
Lady Of The Sunshine
At any time wondered what Angus Stone would sound like away from his sister Julia? Nicely, wonder no more my buddy, because Angus has emancipated himself (musically speaking) from his sister to bring us Woman Of The Sunshine.
The debut album for Woman Of The Sunshine, Cigarette smoking Gun, will be out April 3 and we have received the initial single from the record,cheap beats by dre solo, 'White Rose Parade', a muddy blues rocker that seems nothing like the sweet pixie people of Angus Julia Stone. Turns out the man's received a bit of gruff in his voice! I've heard a few other cuts from the album, and it's all sounding fairly promising. So if you are liking this aspect of Angus Stone's musical psyche, you will not be disappointed with the relaxation of Cigarette smoking Gun.
"I've been skipping off in in between excursions for about a year now to shake my head of these tunes. Every emotion in my head had its personal voice and this album is what became of them.
Final year the old timer gave me his previous Telecaster which shot me a chance to transfer into a heavier audio gave me the stones to get a little bit more fired up. I tripped up to North QLD to record with 'Finn' (Govinda Doyle) who performs drums and bass on the record. We layed down the tracks in about 6 weeks all through 2008, recording in an old drinking water tank Finn experienced fixed up. Finn's wife would cook supper for us and her new born infant while we worked till the younger hrs of dawn.
I guess the concept of this album was that there would be no idea of how it would come together as a whole. I wanted these songs to have their personal emotions.&quot,cheap beats by dre headphones;.
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